Q&A - thePiXbooth
- Is there a photographer inside the booth?
No! That’s the fun of it! We do provide a friendly, professional on-site attendant to serve any guest needs or concerns.

- How many people can fit in at one time?
The actual recommendation is 1-10, but if you can figure out a way to fit more people in the shot, we encourage that.

- Does the PiXbooth print strips?
Yes.It prints high quality strips.You can choose between 2x6 strips and 4x6 print.

-What is the cost of the PiXbooth?
We Make It EASY. Our Package is as low as $490.00 for 3 hours, and you get UNLIMITED photo sessions.

- How do we book thePiXbooth?

Simple, give us a call at 872-205-5757 or use our contact page and we’ll make sure that your date is set. Please see our pricing page for online booking.

- Does thePiXbooth need to be under weather protection?
YES. Whether its outside under a tent, or inside, we must have protection from the weather, along with the availability of 110 power no farther than 25 feet away.

Please contact us if you have any questions:
phone: 872-205-5757
email: info@thepixbooth.com

4 Reasons Why Your Wedding Needs a Photo Booth

#1 Pure, Contagious Fun! We've taken tens of thousands of photos in our photo booth and there isn't one that depicts someone sad or bored. As soon as guests see our photo booth a line forms and the fun begins. The laughter and hilarity that ensues inside the photo booth is contagious. Guests let their guard down and next thing you know, Grandma decides to let out her inner Jamaican and wear the dreads. Not everyone will get out on the dance floor, but pretty much everyone will take a session inside our photo booth. Our photo booth has been the hit of every event we've been to, from babies to grandparents, everyone has fun.
#2 Scrapbook for you. We bring a beautiful scrapbook along with our "Gold" and "Diamond" packages wedding. By the end of the evening the scrapbook is filled with photo strips and wonderful notes of congratulations and well wishes from family and friends. For most of our brides this scrapbook completely replaces the standard guestbook. You'll have this memory filled book to look at forever. Our photo booth prints out two photo strips, your guests keep one and the other goes in your scrapbook.
#3 Keepsake for your guests. These days anyone with a smartphone can take a photo anytime, anywhere. But, there is something about the nostalgia of a photo booth and the fact that you receive an actual, physical photo strip. Your guests will take home a pocketful of photos and put them on the fridge or even in frames. Our packages includes a custom photo strip graphic, tailored to your specifications, by our in-house graphic designer. Your guests will easily remember how fun your wedding day was for years to come.
#4 Digital copies for you. Our photo booth saves each photo taken as an individual file and a photo strip. Before we leave your wedding, we'll hand you a USB drive with every single photo that our booth captured. After the honeymoon you can share these on social media, perhaps make some prints or use some for your next Christmas card.

Call us now 872-205-5757

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